If you’re a working adult, chances are that you’ve had your fair share of struggles and successes in the job-seeking realm. Job seeking has grown increasingly competitive, and employers are continuously adapting their recruitment strategies to attract the best talents.

As a recruitment consultant agency, FirstWorks Group takes great pride in matching the best people with the best companies. In this blog, we turn to founder, Vinesh Thanabalasingam and country manager, Raj Kumar, to share their story behind the inception of FirstWorks Group, their vision and insights as to why they are the best recruitment agency for you.

Vinesh’s first involvement with FirstWorks Group is certainly an unconventional one. Starting merely as an investor together with a partner, Vinesh was a man whose background and experience consisted of over 22 years in management, finance, and operations. As his interest in the recruitment industry grew in 2014, he took it upon himself to take on responsibilities beyond the role of an investor and subsequently head the company in its entirety.

Shortly after, Vinesh was able to successfully acquire their first major project from Petronas in Pengerang, Johor. Whilst the contract came to its eventual end in 2019, it was also the year where country manager, Raj Kumar, came on board. With over 30 years spent in the recruitment and workforce solutions industry, Raj’s multifaceted experience from strategy to sales and account management, opening new markets and recruitment and staffing has been a driving force in the expansion of FirstWorks Group to what it is today.

With their knowledge and expertise combined, Vinesh and Raj expanded the business into specialised general recruitment, executive search and staffing. Apart from overseeing the overall operation, Raj also helps grow the company’s footprint across the nation as well as in the region.

Upon reflection on the company’s growth over the years, Raj shares, ‘Seven years ago, we were merely sourcing people to work. Today, we are actively taking on the role of improving productivity, upskilling talents and influencing entire work cultures.’ In other words, Raj continues, ’We are now building lives.’

When asked about their visions for the future, Vinesh and Raj echo a similar ambition: to specialise their services. Having the right recruitment specialist is a crucial factor in hiring for specialised roles. This is because hiring specialists require a certain degree of knowledge about the role and responsibilities within an industry to reach the best candidates. Today, FirstWorks Group has a strong team of specialists serving the engineering and construction industry, logistics and warehousing, and manufacturing and pharmaceuticals as primary focused industries

In terms of the staffing and outsourcing business, there are approximately 130 workers operating in the services sector, and the team plans to scale the numbers to about 300.

Do you resonate with Vinesh & Raj’s vision in expanding the business?

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