Preparing for the competition in 2022

Preparing for the competition in 2022

As industries recover from The Great Resignation of 2021, employers will have to set themselves apart to compete in the job market. With the economy and job market recovering from the effects of the pandemic, attracting and retaining talent will remain a serious consideration in order for businesses to move forward. Talent will be rife and rich with potential candidates, and businesses must consider what to prioritise in the recruitment process.

Work arrangements

The recruitment market is seeing a surge in employment opportunities which means that candidates will be looking for vacancies. To win in this market, employers must keep an open mind during their hiring processes and consider the flexibility of remote work and hybrid work to attract talent. The pandemic has shown that businesses can run, albeit at a cost of lack of face-to-face contact. However, employers must remember that if their organisation can provide flexibility, then it would be more desirable in the candidate market. Candidates increasingly have greater control over their choices of employment, and organisations must keep an open mind to allow flexibility of work to attract talent.

Prioritising the employee experience

Company culture will be at the forefront of consideration for organisations looking to employ candidates. Job-seekers seek more engaging and human experiences in their jobs, which means organisations must consider moving from traditional workplace cultures by assessing what candidates look for when in the market for new job opportunities. Job-seekers are increasingly looking for motivation factors and a sense of fulfilment in their work, and will not only want to work for the benefit of the company’s success but also for themselves. Organisations must consider collaborative environments and a workplace culture that will allow job-seekers to thrive and develop. Therefore organisations must be able to weigh the benefits of healthy workplace environments and productivity, as well as what job-seekers are looking for, and apply it to the hiring process and workplace culture. This will put an organisation at the forefront of the candidate market, and in turn improve retention rates in the organisation.

Providing opportunities for professional development

An organisation that provides opportunities for their employees’ professional development will not only be beneficial for the organisation where their employees become increasingly skilled at their job, but it can also be a unique selling point in the recruitment process. An organisation that offers learning and growth opportunities are more likely to attract new candidates to apply, but also increase employee retention. By providing opportunities for professional development, organisations build a positive employee reputation as an employer that cares about its workforce. Not only that, organisations will benefit by attracting highly driven and career-focused candidates which will be beneficial for the organisation in the long run. By investing in the growth of your employees, it allows your organisation to grow as it allows employees to perform better and prepares them for positions of greater responsibility.

With these in consideration, your organisation could be the first choice for candidates in the job-seeking market. To find out more ways to win in the war for talent, contact FirstWorks Group.



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