How to tackle attrition with change management

How to tackle attrition with change management

The employee-dominated market undoubtedly has posed a challenge to employers all around as more employees are becoming informed and empowered. This has caused employees to have the upper hand in choosing where they work, and they are not afraid to move on to a new organisation. Though attrition is a fact of life for organisations, it is something which should be curbed from the onset.

Some reasons attributed to attrition are dissatisfaction with pay and benefits, lack of job satisfaction, problems with management and looking for better pay and prospects elsewhere. Taking these into account, organisations must be proactive to implement long lasting practices to tackle the root cause of attrition. To do so, organisations can consider change management.

As we have previously talked about, change management requires identifying improvement areas in the organisation, creating action plans to suit the goal and implementing those changes, and creating an environment where it can be sustained. However, what Covid-19 has shown is that change management must be human-centric. Lengthy timelines and mechanical rollouts are no longer sufficient – change must happen fast.

In the context of attrition, organisations must consider the unique reasons as to why employees leave and make necessary adjustments quickly and effectively. A first step would be for organisations to communicate with existing employees. Employers will be able to ascertain the root cause of the problem with open communication, whilst finding out what employees are looking for within the organisation.

These conversations may require conversations to acknowledge employees’ feelings about attrition and open-mindedness on part of the employers. Employers must remember that these conversations are a means of solving the problem. From there, employers can identify what is needed within the organisation. Be it an organisation-wide change to address the company’s culture or a more department-focused solution, employers should be proactive to create change from the get-go.

On an organisational standpoint, managers will have to consider whether the existing culture and values are suited for candidates of the present day. It is worth bearing in mind that more human-centric approaches is what is needed for organisations to curb attrition. The pandemic has created ripple effects within employment and employees seek more in terms of the needs and expectations they have of their employers. Be it requiring more flexibility and trust in hybrid work environments or requiring a more human experience at work, employers must find a way to make change within the organisation for their employees.

Taking these into consideration, companies must find a way to implement change management processes which will boost employee engagement and retention which will reduce attrition rates within the company.



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