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How to tackle attrition with change management

The employee-dominated market undoubtedly has posed a challenge to employers all around as more employees are becoming informed and empowered. This has caused employees to have the upper hand in choosing where they work, and they are not afraid to move on to a new organisation.

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What’s in store for the recruitment market

With talks of The Great Resignation, and now The Great Retention, it is undeniable that the recruitment market has seen shifts in the trends surrounding the talent pool. These trends are important for employers all around to consider in the 2022 recruitment market in order to attract new talent and retain existing ones

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Fostering the post-pandemic digital workplace

The greatest disruption from the pandemic is the shift to remote work arrangements. The workplace is no longer a physical space which employees occupied during regular office hours – the workplace becomes a location where work actually happens. And now as we begin the shift to an endemic phase, corporate Malaysia is embracing hybrid work.

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Internal mobility and streamlining job roles

Employers in recent years have seen a crunch in the talent market, especially now that candidates have the upper hand. For employers this means facing difficulties in hiring new talent into the organisation. But what should employers do to overcome this problem?

Internal mobility may be the answer. Internal mobility is the movement of employees, whether vertically or laterally,

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Accountability of companies – what do you owe your employees

Although great expectations are placed on the employees to be accountable to their work, it is also a two-way street. Employers also have a duty to manage workplace expectations and set up an environment where employees feel encouraged, especially more so where businesses are under a microscope as businesses shift to working from home.

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Accountability in the white collar workforce

The Covid-19 pandemic has empowered employees with the flexibility of working from home or hybrid work styles. However, even with the benefits, the given flexibility of work from home or hybrid work arrangements does present itself with a host of problems of accountability in the white collar industry.

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Accountability in the blue collar workforce

The blue collar workforce, though mostly invisible through the lenses of many, are the backbone of our country. The nature of blue collar work is hard manual labour, predominantly in the construction, factory, services, farming, agriculture, and mining and quarrying sectors – all of which are integral sectors of the economy

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