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2021 in summary

2021 is a year where the recruitment industry sees a slow recovery from the challenges of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. As we recover, recruiters have been forced to evaluate the challenges which have been faced and innovate their practises in light of emerging hiring trends.

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Preparing for the competition in 2022

As industries recover from The Great Resignation of 2021, employers will have to set themselves apart to compete in the job market. With the economy and job market recovering from the effects of the pandemic, attracting and retaining talent will remain a serious consideration in order for businesses to move forward.

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What businesses and candidates are to expect in 2022

The year 2022 will bring a host of new challenges for businesses and job candidates alike. As the economy reopens, businesses will be in the market to hire. On the other hand, candidates can look forward to new opportunities and recruitment practises which would appeal to them.

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Recruitment is a two-way street

More often than not, recruitment is viewed isolatedly by the parties involved: employers will treat the recruitment process according to their needs, and candidates approach the recruitment process from what they expect to gain. However the recruitment process should be viewed

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How to get noticed by the employer

The journey to employment is becoming increasingly competitive for both first-time employees and employees seeking to switch jobs. With the talent pool offering a great selection to recruiters and hiring managers alike, it is important for candidates to stand out amongst the pool of candidates applying to jobs.

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Hiring in 2022: What to look out for

A new year is a fresh start, and with it brings hiring trends that employers should be aware of in their recruitment process. With the reopening of the economy and companies looking to acquire new talent to join their organisations, this is what employers must look out for when hiring in 2022.

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Flexible Work Models: Pros and Cons for Malaysian SMEs

Covid-19 landing on the shores of Malaysia has changed the way we work for the foreseeable future. The onset of the pandemic saw the enforcement of the movement control order, which drove companies to shift to remote working on a permanent basis. As restrictions ease amidst ramped vaccination efforts

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Changing Hiring Processes – Post Pandemic

There has been a rapid change for businesses all over the world as a result of the recent pandemic. Despite increased job losses in some sectors, some have seen continual growth as they thrive on the growing and ever-changing consumer demand.

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